3 Things to be Grateful For

We think that because we didn’t get what we want, we have enough reason to be sad and grief for life. We mostly missed to see the bigger picture, and this affects how we walk through life. We need to change our mind set.

We are alive

We still breathe, eat, sleep, walk, and everything that goes with it. And this is the most forgotten perk when in down moments. Our life is a gift and we should make the most out of it. Some are having terminal diseases and they’ll be dying soon. If you are in their shoes, what will you do?

The roof over our head

We have shelters, a house to cover us from the weather and protects from other outside threats. Some can’t afford to get one. Some need to work triple to rent a room. And some are on the street begging for food. Imagine yourself sleeping in different places every freaking night.

Lessons learned in life

We can’t be this strong and wiser if we haven’t got those good and bad experiences. There is at least one lesson learned in everything that happened to us, whether you have felt so much pain or happiness. Only a perfect person has no mistakes. Only a perfect life has no difficulties.  And you can’t find one.


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