3 Ways to a Productive Life

Have been lying down all day huh? Not much to do? Too tired to do anything? Can’t blame the weather though. But you can do something! One little thing is a big thing. Changing a habit or an attitude towards life is a huge challenge for lazies like you. You can do this 3 little startups to have a productive day.

Avoid gossiping

It’s okay to talk about other people’s challenges and how they coped up and be inspired. It’s okay to talk about people’s flaw and mistakes if your purpose is to learn from them and influence others as well. But mocking or laughing at people’s unfortunate tragedies is a different story. By the way, gossiping is different from discussing. Gossiping is just talking about other people that are mostly just rumors; or just the sake of passing time. Discussing is something that has an objective of getting something worth sharing. If you are a scandalmonger, stop and grow up!

Do not procrastinate

Procrastinating is just for someone who is hunger of rest; someone who has been working so hard for the last month. If you haven’t done anything useful for yourself, or if you have a workload that has a near deadline, procrastinating is not for you. It’s okay to rest once in a while in between works, but if it would take the whole day, that might be already laziness. You have a goal. You already know what to do to achieve it. What you need to do now is to set the date and take action. The pace is not important. What matters most is you have the determination to do it. Let’s do this!

Reward yourself of a job well done!

Don’t forget to be kind to yourself. Giving yourself some a treat after finishing a certain task is important. It doesn’t need to be expensive. You could give yourself a movie marathon, a food trip, 12-hour of sleep, or a travel. It’s up to you. This will encourage you to do some more and you’ll realize that loving yourself is the best thing you can do for the rest of your life. Let’s love ourselves so we can love others!

Do you have your own ways of making your life productive? That’s great! Please share it with me too. Hope this blog helped you in some way. Please share if you think this will help someone else. Let’s have a productive life then. Cheerios!