Saved by 4 Ladies within a Week

I was saved twice this week. I thought what did I do that I deserved this? I only remembered offering my seat to an old lady on a bus.

Saved by Two ladies in the Van

It was a long line. I am patiently waiting for my turn. And even though I was tempted to enter the mall as the night is still young, I stopped myself. Because I am almost at the front; just one batch away. Then, finally, our ride came. I said, good things really happen to those who wait. Others said, “hay salamat!”

In the vehicle, the driver said he only wants small or exact amount for the fare because he didn’t have any change yet. I am a little nervous because I simply have a thousand peso bill in my pocket. So the only option is to get down, get a change, but they will call another passenger to take my place. But these two ladies at my back, out of my expectation, paid my fare. All I can say is “thank you.” I want to befriend them, but I don’t know how to. I should get their names and contact numbers maybe, so I can pay back in some way. I have the feeling I must be, but I didn’t. Something stopped me. Or maybe I don’t really have the guts to do so–I am so shy.

I thought that I’ll just invite them for a snack when we reach Pasig Market but they were dropped off early. What I only did is to watch them walk away. I don’t know what the other passengers are thinking about it. All I know was God really provides everything. You only need to trust and have faith all the time. (I have a religious side peeps! :D) If I cannot find them and give back what they did, I will just help someone else.

Saved by Two Ladies in the Office

Yesterday was our judgment day. We are in the training and it’s about time to tell us if we passed it or not. I’m so tensed. I evaluated myself and I am really sure that I will be dismissed based on my scores. I still hoped for something good. I prayed. When the time came for our team leaders to announce the news, I was ready to accept the worst. So they decided to call us one by one. I was the first to be called.

I walked slowly and glanced to my TL. I can see positivity in her eyes but I am not so sure. I was led to a small room, I sat on the chair beside a small table, facing her. She broke the news with lonely words and tried to break it to me gently. But as she stopped talking, my world’s like playing fast-forward. I’m thinking about what will happen to my sister, my dream bike, my dream car, and my planned journeys? I can see sad smileys at every end of it. 🙁

Suddenly, she talked again and I was back in reality. She was into breaking the sad news this time. No more intros. “We decided you to stay with this company.” And I was like, “Seriously?!” She nodded and I hugged her! That was really unexpected! I am so happy! 🙂 I was led to another room by another TL, pretending not to be okay so as others will think that way. I already sensed the drama and I also played the game. Another teammate was called and I am waiting at the other room. One teammate came in and then another. And then it stopped. Kroo. Kroo. We felt bored. What happened to the others? Suddenly the TL sneak in and laughed! Okay, so what’s next?

After a few moments, another TL came in and asked us to get out and meet the others. Before facing them, she said, “guys please say goodbye to them.” And others frowned and some cried and we said our goodbyes. Wow, so great it looks like real! But of course, they need to know the truth. They said it’s all just a prank, then we laughed, we jumped, we rejoice!

I can’t forget the sad part though. Two of us went home early. Truly, not all can be saved.