How to Handle Difficult People: The Perspective

Who are the difficult people?

These people are everywhere and it includes you. We might not aware but we are also an annoying person to some. Do you agree? You will.

"You are or become those things you repeatedly do." Einstein

Task 1: Identify Three Annoying Behaviors

  • Write the three annoying behaviors of the person motivated you to read this article. Easy, eh? We’ll see. Write it on a piece of paper.
  • And now, write your three annoying behaviors that other people often noticed in you. I’m serious. Go ahead, write it on the same sheet of paper.
  • Make sure you have this list while reading this article. Paste it somewhere near your computer screen.

Life Guarantees

Other people may not understand you, or you can't understand yourself, yet, perhaps, this could prepare you to face the world of our difficulties.

You are evolving. You are changed or improved through the experiences you have and the lessons you learned. You will never be back to your old self once you accept that changes and practices the lessons.

You are a genius. You have a specific skill you are good at. You may not know it yet but you will figure it out sooner as you assess yourself and others, especially difficult people. Believe in yourself.

You will learn to use the ‘what if’ the right way. When you use the ‘what if’ question, you must use it to affix it with the future. What if I will travel to Marawi this weekend? Would it be better than going to Cebu? If you use ‘what if’ to attach to the past, your soul is lost. Yeah. Don’t lose yourself.

The will to live. Just like the way you believe you are genius, you must also believe that you can do anything, like quantum physics, extensive computer programming, computing math in mind, or handling difficult people. If you doubt yourself, you lose. Don’t be a loser.

Task 2: Tapping your genius

  • Identify the person in your past who was the best communicator you have ever encountered. This person was the one who can talk with different kind of people, difficult or not, very easily. Write that person’s name on a piece of paper. The same paper dude.
  • Now, write the most least communicator you knew that can't deal enough with difficult people. It could be someone you knew, or you yourself. C’mon, write it down to the paper.

These people will help you in your future self.

See you on the next part of How to Handle Difficult People series.


Reference: Dealing with Difficult People, Ken Pierce (2013)