WordPress | How to Fix AdSense Error: “Site down or unavailable”

You may have faced this error a hundred times and don’t know how to solve it. That’s why you are asking search engines and post questions every forums or community to find the best solution. Don’t worry, I have resolved this error on my end, and I want to share it to you. In addition, I will also share more about Google AdSense and other passive income in the next 8 weeks.

The Error Message

You might say, “My website is working! What’s wrong?” Yeah, I asked myself that too. I checked here, I checked there and even opened my website in the incognito mode just to check if it works. And yes, it did work. Resubmitted my account in Google AdSense just to receive the same message again, and yet again.

The Solution

I signed up in Google AdSense on December 19, 2018. My account was approved on January 1, 2019. Here are two tasks I did to finally resolve the issue.

Make sure your contents are original

You may defend that you created the content and wrote it yourself, or it was originally yours. But unintentionally, sometimes we created something that identical to another one published online. There are free plagiarism checkers on the internet that you can use to check for your content’s originality. The maximum accepted plagiarism for articles/contents is 10%. As a bit of advice from me, I suggest you target 0% plagiarism.

Delete your blog posts from your other website (or deactivate the website)

If you have another blog site where you published the same contents, deactivate that blog site or revert all your posts to “Draft.” In this way, internet search engines will not find it. I had another blog site from Blogger and another from Google Sites. I published articles there simultaneously before (because it’s free). But I finally decided to own my articles and transferred them to my own domain.

Your site is indexed for searching

Another reason Google AdSense can’t access your website is that it’s not allowed to be indexed. Meaning, Google can’t visit include your site for searching. Example, if people are searching about “creating a business card,” and is contained on your website, Google will not list your site from the search results.

To fix this, go to Settings > Reading. Scroll down until you see “Search Engine Visibility.” Make sure the box is unticked.

Resubmit for review

There you go! It should be all good now. Resubmit your website for another review and expect a piece of good news from Google AdSense! The key to passing this stage of having a passive income is your originality. You must have your own niche, personal branding, and your own voice to get attention. And please, please DO NOT forget to read the Terms and Conditions, especially their Content Policy.

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